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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Audience: Fidelity Investments
Boston, Massachusetts

"I have been thinking of you all day today. What a fabulous session we had yesterday. During last night's reception and all day today I have been hearing wonderful reviews. Just left a meeting with a CIO on another topic and he quoted you and thanked me for bringing you in. That is the highest form of flattery.

The content and delivery of your presentation were perfect. The engagement of the audience was palpable and their enthusiasm for this topic was heartwarming.

The highlight of my evening last night was when our CEO approached me and thanked me stating that this was just what we needed and well done. By the way Charlie also personally thanked me and noted how the event exceeded his expectations.

I want to thank you personally for your commitment to this work. You truly walk the talk and are a steward of leadership learning. It has been a pleasure working with you on this. I am sure our paths will cross again in this journey, until then, be well my friend."

testimonial photo
Pictured left to right,
Joe Nedder, Young Chin, Jason Jennings
and Lisa Stornaielo
Lisa Stornaielo
VP of Leadership Development
Fidelity Investments

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Audience: Northwest Farm Credit Leadership Meeting
Spokane, Washington

"It was a real privilege to have Jason Jennings join and address our leadership meeting. He was a Huge hit and the message was perfect! The students were ready and Jason was a great teacher once again!"

testimonial photo Phil DiPofi
President & CEO
Northwest Farm Credit

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Event: CoBank 2009-2010 Annual Series of Meetings
Location: Englewood, Colorado
Result: Standing ovation by attendees

"CoBank asked Jason Jennings to appear as the keynote speaker at the 2009-2010 annual series of meetings we hold for our customers around the country.

Attendees consistently rated Jason's presentations as the highlight of our program, citing his insights into organizational management and business leadership as well as his sincere and highly engaging delivery style.

We have also had Jason speak to our employees, with equally successful results. I can recommend Jason Jennings without hesitation to any business looking to create a compelling event for its customers or other stakeholders."

Robert Engel
President & Chief Executive Officer


Event: RSM McGladrey 2010 Conference
Location: Orlando, Florida
Result: Standing ovation 750 people

"Jason Jennings June 2010 keynote speech to our member firms at our conference in Orlando, Florida received some of the highest rating weve ever received.

In summary 87% rated the speech excellent and 12% very good for a total approval rating of 98%. Our members said, 'Fabulous keynote&Jennings was great&Jennings was awesome and Jason Jennings was the speaker weve had for years!'"

Kathy Duscher

Kathy Duscher
Meeting Planner
Accounting Industry Services
RSM McGladrey, Inc.
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Event: Bank of Marin Annual Economic Breakfast
Location: Novato, California
Result: A Hit out of the Park

"Thanks to Jason for making our Economic Briefing such a great success. He is truly the best. I think about what Jason says every day in the way Bank of Marin operates. I only hope that we can achieve a fraction of the success of some of the companies that you have written about. This is definitely the time to build the business. Thank him again for his valuable time."

Russell A. Colombo
President & CEO
Bank of Marin


Client: Metavante
Event: Metavante CEO Conference

"Jason, you received incredible positive feedback& Great JOB!!

Thank you for speaking at the Metavante CEO Conference 2008. Your contribution to the program helped make this year's event our most successful and best attended CEO Conference to date. Your presentation, "The 5 Leadership Secrets of the Worlds Most Productive and Best-Performing Companies," was not only educational, but inspirational as well.

We appreciate your participation in our conference, and your assistance in delivering a world-class conference experience. I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

Frank R. Martire
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Client: Fifth Third Bank
Event: National Sales Manager's Conference
Results: Standing Ovation

"Jason Jennings speech was an "off the planet" success. The chatter from the troops echoed what Jason heard before he left the conference. 'This is the best speaker I've ever heard!' Jason echoed the company's opening message as powerfully as I could imagine.

Thanks to Jason for helping to make our first ever Commercial National Sales Manager's Conference the best meeting imaginable. Hopefully, we're off to a great start in becoming a benchmark for one of Jason's future books."

Craig Hendricks
Vice President, Human Resources
Commercial National LOB & Greater Cincinnati Affiliate
Fifth Third Bank

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Client: Heartland Payments Systems
Event: Annual Company Celebration
Results: 1500 people Standing Ovation

"Jason Jennings presentation was the most appropriate and helpful we have ever had at a company event.

I appreciate Jason taking the time to research our company and to customize part of your talk to Heartland.

The parts of your talk that I loved the most were about mission statements (I have fought almost every new hire to NOT take the time to do this and we dont have one!); vision (employees are always reminded not to use that word and my name in the same sentence); authenticity (the highest honor I have ever received is to be thought authentic); and stewardship. Jason, my friend, nailed it. I am with you on 98% of what you said and have never heard as penetrating an analysis of success in life as I heard from you last Tuesday. No one learned more from your talk than I did."

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Bob Carr
Heartland Payment Systems

Client: Heartland Payment Systems

"In addition to Jason's dynamic presentation style, the knowledge and wisdom he imparted were right on message for the 1700 Heartland employees and guests who attended our recent 10th anniversary celebration. He was entertaining and insightful -- and most of all 'authentic' -- which, according to our chairman and chief executive officer, is the highest of all compliments."

Nancy Gross
Executive Director of Marketing
Heartland Payment Systems

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"Jason Jennings keynote address scored 4.89 out of a possible 5.0 with the high level executives attending our Autumn Conference!

Through the rest of the conference comments like "Exceptional Keynote&and Jason Jennings was superb." were commonplace! "

Jonathan James

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

"Jason Jennings is truly one of the most charismatic individuals I have met in some time, perhaps ever! This past January my organization was fortunate enough to book Jason to speak at our Global Electronic Payments Conference in Barcelona Spain. I do not exaggerate when I say that Jason had the audience captivated from beginning to end.

Jason's 5 secrets of the world's fastest and most productive companies became the talk of the conference and why wouldn't it? His points were precise, perceptive and clever, not to mention his humorous delivery was impeccable.

I look forward to working with Jason again and hearing more of his insightful thoughts and ideas."

William Colbert
Network Services Manager

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"Jason Jennings knocked it out of the park! His impassioned message, inspired stories and zest for sharing examples of greatness resonated with the CEO's and leaders at the Executive Institute in Bolton Landing in June 2005.

He raised the energy level and opened our minds to new possibilities. His personal story of what led him to research his books and spread the message echoed with the attendees. They'll be talking about him for a long time! We have summarized the feedback from the attendees and attached it here. If you have any questions please let me know."

Lydia Thurston
National Educational Programs Manager
FCC Services

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