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.: Keynote Speaking & Presentations by Jason
Jason Jennings is a thought provoking, highly skilled communicator who delivers the goods when it comes to leading people and companies to their full potential in the areas of revenue growth, reinvention, speed, productivity, leadership and employee engagement.

During the past decade Jason Jennings and his research teams have screened and analyzed the performance of more than 200,000 companies and studied more than 25,000 in-depth for his bestselling books on: speed, productivity, growth, leadership and reinvention. His speeches and presentation are based on the results of his research and the contents of his books.

Keynote Speeches

" Reinvention The Six Secrets of Change

This keynote is based on Jennings' latest book released on May 10, 2012, The Reinventors How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continual Change, which identifies more than 100 companies that have made constant change an integral part of their DNA. By examining innovative businesses such as Apple, Capital One, Starbucks, Arrow Electronics, Nucor Steel, Smithfield Foods and many more, Jennings identifies six points, tailored to your organization's needs that will help you crack the code on change. Key findings include the fact that successful reinventors are committed to double digit annual growth, letting go of yesterdays breadwinners, conventional wisdom and ego, making lots of small bets and getting and keeping everyone on the same page.

(This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a half-day or full day program).

" The Five Secrets of the Worlds Best Performing Companies and Leaders

This is the crowd pleaser thats received standing ovations from hundreds of thousands of people in scores of countries around the world. Jennings research has revealed five vital leadership traits that are shared by the most enduring and best performing businesses and organizations in the world. This information packed and dynamic speech not only provides the roadmap for achieving long lasting business success but leaves people believing theyre all on the same team and capable of carrying out the mission ahead of them.

(This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a highly interactive half-day or full day program).

" The Need for Speed How to Get Everything Done Faster

If your audience is being asked to move faster and get more done with less, this keynote speech will deliver results! Its based on content from the NY Times bestseller, Its Not The Big That Eat The Small Its The Fast That Eat The Slow, and USA TODAY named it one of the 25 most important books of the year. Its brutally honest; fast paced and provides a roadmap for getting things done.

(This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a highly interactive half-day or full day program).


One of Jasons guiding principles is that every audience deserves a presentation thats been custom tailored to fit their needs and exceed their expectations. In order to make that happen he undertakes the following preparation for each speech:

" Diagnostic/Discovery Telephone Conference This hour-long conference call is designed to insure that Jason understands the company or sponsoring organization, its goals and objectives and what its trying to achieve by bringing in an outside speaker.

" Ten Telephone Interviews Several weeks prior to the event the company or conference organizer provides Jasons office with a list of up to ten people with whom he can have a ten to fifteen minute conversation about themselves, their responsibilities, their challenges and the areas in which theyd like to sharpen their skills.

When this work has been completed youre insured of receiving a highly targeted and personalized speech.

Value Added

When his travel schedule permits Jason is pleased to attend a reception the evening before the speech, autograph books, shake hands during a breakfast or lunch or attend a VIP Photo Shoot and Meet & Greet.


Jasons speeches consistently receive the highest evaluations ever received by companies and organizations that hire him.

" Ciscos Worldwide Partner conference "The scores are in and Jasons speech received a rousing 4.77 evaluation score on a scale of 1-5 the highest ever received by a keynote speaker." This is the highest score achieved in Ciscos history.

" Microsofts Asia OEM Conference According to Microsoft research, "Jennings was the highest rated speaker at the conference achieving a 4.83 ranking out of a possible 5 for the Asian Summit." Again, the highest score ever achieved by an outside speaker in Microsofts history.

" Microsofts Worldwide Partner Conference - "The most touching moments came when partners approached us and told us how much they appreciated having Jason there and saying that Jason's speech made their trip worthwhile! I have not seen anything other than scores of 5.0 across all categories!" Patama Chantaruck, General Manager, Thailand

" CCH Users Conference "Jason received a 4.98 rating (out of 5), which is the highest we have ever received at any previous User Conferences for Keynote speeches."

" SHRM is the worlds largest human resources association. When Jason did the keynote for their annual strategy conference in 2010 his scores beat out all the other keynoters including Creativity Expert Sir Ken Robinson, Strategic Consultant Rich Horwath and Ann Mulcahy, former Chair and CEO of Xerox.

" Qualcomm 2011 - Jason took center stage at the Jacobs Center on the campus of Qualcomm and talked to the companys managers, salespeople and leaders about the five secrets of speed, growth and innovation. Here are the results of Jasons presentation on a scale of 1 to 5: Speech 4.84, Return on Investment 4.82, Summary 4.85 and Overall 4.82.
.: Consulting Engagements by Jason
Jason Jennings engages in both long-term ongoing consultancies and short-term project consultation with companies who wish to achieve their full economic potential.

Initially, the CEO or Business Owner and one or two key team members travel to the small village of Tiburon in San Francisco Bay area where they spend two intense days with Jason determining the following:

  • The true Cause of the organization. We don't use Mission or Vision Statements

  • The specific principles that will guide decision making within the organization

  • A specific long-term view of where the company wants to be in three to five years

  • A specific detailed set of objectives that must be accomplished during the following twelve months in order to achieve the long term view

  • An evaluation of the key players and decisions as to their proper role(s)

  • An analysis of potential roadblocks and a program for dealing with/eliminating them

  • A step-by-step financial, marketing and sales action plan for the following twelve months

Following the initial two-day workshop Jason is available for ongoing coaching and assistance.

Jason only works this way with six companies annually and in depth discussion is required before a California session is scheduled. Please contact Jason Jennings directly to arrange a conference call to discuss these services.

.: Book a Speech
To 'Book a Speech' or for additional information, please contact:
Image of Caryn Caryn Shehi
Assistant to Jason Jennings

2436 Jackson Street, "C"
San Francisco, CA 94115

Get the full 1-hour Video on DVD of Jason's Speech for Cisco:

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Jason Jennings Speech for Cisco's Partner Summit 2010
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