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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Client: P&G
Location: Paris, France
Result: Outstanding Feedback

Jason Helps P&G Clean Up

July 2013 Paris

"Many thanks Jason for the great job you did in Paris. Just back from Egypt! You were the best speaker I worked with by far and the feedback from the group has been outstanding.

Many thanks!"

photo Mohamed Samir,
P&G Vice President,
Fabric Care

Jason was chosen to do the closing keynote speech for one of his most admired companies. The fabric care division, headed by Mohamed Samir, boasts three billion dollar brands; Tide, Ariel and Downy.
Tide logoAriel logoDowny logo


Client: Volkswagon (VW)
Location: Washington, DC
Result: Praise by attendees

Jason Knocks it Out of the Park for VW

"Jason asked what it would take for him to deliver on my expectation for our team leadership teams conference. I stated the teams body language, their engagement while he was speaking, the response to his stories and examples and the overall reaction from my team when he was done would determine how he did. Based on the reaction, engagement and response Jason Jennings knocked it out of the park. Thanks to him for a very strong message. I had many people come to me after the event telling me how much they enjoyed his presentation and how the information he gave them touched them in so many different ways. "

photo Frank Trivieri,
Executive Vice President
Volkswagen of America


Client: W. W. Williams
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Result: Standing Ovation with praise by attendees

"Jason Jennings is amazing! I cannot count the number of positive comments Ive received from our meeting attendees about his presentation, but more importantly I havent gone a single day since his talk without hearing someone in the organization talk of making a "small bet", "letting go" or "being a good steward". Jason definitely made an impact and was just the kick start we needed for growth!"

photo Kelly Turley
Vice President
W.W. Williams
Columbus, Ohio


Client: Ace Hardware
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Result: Standing Ovation with praise

Ace Hardware logo

Jason Hits Home Run with Ace Platinum Store Owners

With nearly 5,000 stores across the US, Ace Hardware the friendly place is the sixth largest franchise operation in the nation. In the fall of 2012 in Las Vegas, Ace brought together hundreds of their platinum dealers and their husbands wifes and partners the best of the very best - for a huge conclave. Jason delivered the opening keynote address with a message that wowed the crowd and brought them to their feet.

photo "You did a fantastic job with the Ace team last week! I have received a ton of very positive comments from our Ace retailers regarding your keynote speech. There was plenty of conversation at the conference regarding the six secrets you shared. Thank you!"
Kane Calamari
lst Vice President - Retail Operations & New Business
Ace Hardware Corp

Typical of the scores of emails that poured in following his appearance were the words of Scott Hatcher, President of M&D Supply in Beaumont, Texas who wrote,

photo "I loved your presentation to our Ace group in Las Vegas. I took home many nuggets that I plan to implement in my stores. Thanks again for sharing your research. It was fascinating!"
Scott Hatcher


Client: ICCFA
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Result: Praise from attendees w/ compliments for selecting Jason

Russo, Jennings, Joohnson "Jason was simply amazing and very well received by our attendees. I received many thank you s and compliments for selecting him. I benefitted personally as well; reinventing oneself is the key to staying relevant! Jason is a gifted teacher and I am very glad that our paths crossed."

Nadira Baddeliyanage
ICCFA, Director of Operations

Jason with ICCFA board members Anthony Russo and Jake Johnson, at their 2012 conference held in October at Phoenixs Biltmore Hotel.


Client: Remedy Drug Store Co. Inc.
Event: Annual Conference
Location: Cancun, Mexico

"I wanted to tell you how much I personally appreciated your presentation at our 2012 Forum in Cancun, Mexico. Simply stated; I cannot imagine that anyone could provide better content or a better delivery. You were spot on! Would also like you to know that I am still receiving positive feedback from our attendees. The message I had hoped they would receive; was received. This is the ultimate measure of a successful author and speaker."

Thank you again Jason!

photo Bruce Moody
President and C.E.O.
Remedy Drug Store Co. Inc.


Client: McCain Foods Limited
Location: Muskoka, Canada
Result: Standing Ovation with praise

"HI Jason--

I left Deerhurst on Friday night and am just now back in the office after a little recovery. I had planned to reach out to you this morning but you beat me to the punch! The conference was just fantastic. Our group was engaged and reinvigorated. You were a big part of that success. Our folks absolutely loved your presentation. The straw poll shows that you were the best among our outside presenters. There were so many positive remarks. Your content was bang on. You were funny and thought-provoking. A great package. Dirk and I couldnt be more pleased. I hope our paths cross again in the future. If you are in the Toronto area at some point in the near future and find yourself at odds for lunch or dinner, please call on me."



P.S. We have a post-conference survey in circulation right now. Once I have the results back, Ill send you further insight on your presentation. Im sure there will be a gem of a quote that you can use.

photo Susan Rogers
Chief Communications Officer
McCain Foods Limited

McCain logo

Company Description:
Canadas McCain Foods is the world's largest producer of French Fries and other oven-ready frozen food products. With 40,000 employees and 55 production facilities in 12 countries spanning six continents the company processes one million pounds of potato products each hour and sells one-third of the world's frozen French fries products in more than 110 countries. Its the second largest private company in Canada.

Update from Dotty:

Hi Jason, I'm in Palm Beach for our 2012 conference planning meeting and yesterday we reviewed the results of the surveys from the 2011 meeting and I thought you'd like to know that you scored a perfect 5 ( scoring is 1-5) and the committee agreed that you were the best speaker we've had for the past 15 years. That's pretty high praise coming from this group because they rarely give serious kudos to anyone! Just proves that we made the right choice, not just once but 3 times! You're a tough act to follow.

I hope all is going well for you. I'm looking forward to reading your new book. I've already pre-ordered it through Amazon.

Stay in touch and don't forget to call the next time you're in New Orleans,



Audience: The CEOs of AAA and CAA
Palm Beach, Florida
Date: April 2011
Result: Standing Ovation

"Jason did it again!

He made me look really good before another group of decision makers. The delegates were very impressed with his presentation on Reinvention. Our expectations were met and exceeded, not just because he always has such timely topics but because of the preprogram research he does on our organization.

Taking the time to talk with so many of our CEOs in advance allows him to tailor your message in a way that provides information that delegates can use in their strategic planning.

Rave reviews would be an understatement! Like the previous two AAA/CAA meetings hes spoken at, this years evaluations included glowing comments about his keynote presentation. Many delegates indicated that Jason is the best keynote speaker weve ever engaged.

And the professionalism and efficiency of he and his team always makes my job easier. Thanks again for another great experience!".

AAA logo Dotty McKinnon
Speaker Coordinator


Client: Notifier / Honeywell
Location Marco Island, Florida
Result: Standing Ovation

"I wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation at the Annual NOTIFIER by Honeywell Distributor Conference for our premier, Life Safety customers. You could literally hear a pin drop in a room full of 1000 people throughout your captivating Keynote. Weve never seen as many participants take such copious notes as they did during your presentation.

In addition, your pre-event research to call a cross-section of customers beforehand resulted in obvious, added value. More than any other speaker prior, you demonstrated a sincere grasp of our business and its challenges, thereby allowing you to present the 5 Secrets in a truly relevant and compelling way to this particular audience.

The final outcome? Everyone LOVED it! Customers talked for days about your speech and how personally applicable it was to them, some of our Executives incorporated what they learned into their own remarks that followed and we received dozens of requests for your presentation (including one from our President). Comments on post-Conference evaluations included such praise as; "Jason was the best keynote we ever had and the most valuable presentation of the event".

We look forward to seeing you at our next event in 2011, and will be honored if you can teach us even more! "

Marissa Guillen
Marketing Communications Manager
NOTIFIER by Honeywell



Client: ConAgra Foods
Location: Naperville, Illinois

"Shhhhhhh . . . . Jason Jennings is explaining the secrets that all companies must know to drive sustainable profitable growth.

Jason provided an inspirational and thought provoking discussion from which he leveraged learnings from his global database and narrowed them down to concise factoids that were relevant and meaningful to ConAgra Foods' brands and the industry in which it competes. His passion is contagious, jump starting the organization to think and act like true stewards.

Jason - Thanks for helping nourish the members of the ConAgra Foods Grocery and Refrigerated Operating Groups."

Robert Gay, II
Brand Manager
Chef Boyardee

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Client: Johnson and Johnson Consumer Brands
Event: All company Meeting with lunch served by company executives.
Notes: More than 2000 people were in attendance for this speech which resulted in a standing ovation

"Jason Jennings was an entertaining and motivating speaker who completely captivated our employees. His insights were right on the money!"

Michael Sneed
Company group Chairman
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies

"Jason's speech was standing room only and our employees loved every minute of it!

Several of our long-term employees said that Jason was the best speaker they had heard in their many years of working for the company. Some of the adjectives used to describe him included "awesome," "amazing," "fabulous" and "dynamic."

We appreciated that Jason took the time to interview our leaders in advance of the speech so that he was well-aware of the nuances of our company and its business. This proactive research ensured that Jason's presentation was customized and pertinent to our needs".

Iris Grossman
Director, Communications
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

"Jason Jennings hit a "home run"! His engaging speech on the "five leadership secrets of the world's fastest growing and productive companies" was a huge hit with all the leadership teams in our Asian subsidiaries.

The feedback from our diverse participants was unanimously positive. Jason's research and first-hand experiences with the successful companies referenced in your books brought tremendous credibility to his key messages. It's often difficult to turn "theory" into "practice", but Jason made that leap easy with his adroitly sprinkled real-world examples. The acid test has been that we frequently hear people cite what they heard and internalized during Jason's

Steven Stanbrook
Jeffrey Waller
VP Human Resources
SC Johnson

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

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