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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Client: Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Result: Standing Ovation

At their February 212 Worldwide Leadership Conference Arrow Electronics announced their new brand and noble purpose moving forward; Leading Innovation Forward- Five Years Out!

The morning after his keynote speech to the hundreds of leaders in attendance Jason received the following text from Rich Kylberg, the companies Vice President of corporate Communications:

"You were Wow! Great!

The party last night was buzzing about you. The bit in your speech about cynicism moved mountains.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I can't resist: Jason Jennings is & wait for it& FIVE YEARS OUT! "

Rich Kylberg
SVP Corporate Communications
Arrow Electonics



Client: Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Location Scottsdale, Arizona
Result: Standing Ovation

"It was terrific having Jason Jennings speak with Arrow Electronics' leadership at our global strategic summit in February 2011.

We're thankful for his sharing the insights about the qualities of exceptional leaders and what sets great companies apart from the competition.

I am passionate about empowering our leaders to drive this organization forward, and I believe it is imperative for everyone at Arrow to understand our strategy.

Jason's presentation really resonated with the team and me because it reinforced these critical goals.

On behalf of all the leaders at the summit, thank him for joining us and sharing invaluable information."

Michael J. Long
Chairman, President and CEO
Arrow Electronics, Inc.


Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, with 2010 sales of $18.7 billion. Headquartered in Melville, New York, Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for over 1,200 suppliers and 115,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 340 locations in 52 countries and territories.

A Fortune 200 company with 12,700 employees worldwide, Arrow brings the technology solutions of its customers and suppliers to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, automotive and transportation, medical and life sciences, industrial equipment and consumer electronics.


Event: Microsofts Asia OEM Leadership Summit
Location: Queensland Australia
Result: Standing Ovation

Jason Jennings told the CEO's attending the Microsoft's OEM Briefing and Summit that they must be prepared to let go of same old-same-old, and, the way things have always been done, if they want to remain innovative and at the cutting edge.

The Conference, held in Queensland Australia, was Microsoft's annual summit designed for executives who lead the companies responsible for more than 80% of the world's PC production.

According to Microsoft research Jennings was the highest rated speaker at the conference achieving a 4.83 ranking out of a possible 5 for the Asian Summit.


Event: Microsoft's Worldwide Partners Conference
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Result: standing ovation

More than 7,000 people gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center for Microsoft's Worldwide Partners Conference. The theme of the conference was Velocity so it was a natural to feature Jason Jennings, the man who wrote the book n speed as one of the featured keynoters.

Microsoft's Patama Chantaruck currently the General Manager of Microsoft Thailand, said, "It was our privilege to have Jason Jennings present to our system builder community, " adding, "the most touching moments came when partners approached us and told us how much they appreciated having Jason there and saying that Jason's speech made their trip worthwhile! I have not seen anything other than scores of 5.0 across all categories!"

Patama Chantaruck
General Manager of Microsoft Thailand


Event: Siemens PLM Software Executive Summit
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Date: March 16, 2010

"Each year, Siemens PLM Software holds a very exclusive executive summit for our top 100 customers and prospects. This year we decided we needed to elevate the level of the executive event solely around business topics to ensure our targeted executives would travel to our summit given the current economic climate. Our search for the right business speaker was well thought out and Jason Jennings came highly recommended. After reviewing his bio, books, and seeing some excerpts of his presentation we secured Jason knowing we would achieve our objective. Jason sought to help Siemens PLM achieve its objectives by making his speech relevant to the audience. Jason suggested and followed through on very short notice a series of interviews with both prospects and customer invited guests. The amount of research and data collected made Jasons content all the more relevant to our audience.

Jason also went out of his way and joined our event a day early rather than just showing up for his speech. He was genuinely interested in the topics presented at the summit and quickly leveraged key data points presented by our customers in his keynote speech the next day. Jason is a quick study and brought to the audience relevant topics and anecdotes to support his research. Jason Jennings is one of the best speakers weve hired and delivered a great speech to our audience. He graciously warmed up the audience and quickly set out speaking on the topic of 5 characteristics of todays most successful businesses. The way Jason was able to relate what he had learned from our customer presenters to this speech made this our best executive summit ever. Jason has a great story to share! It was our pleasure to have Jason speak and weve invited him back next year!"

Jon Heidorn
Siemens PLM Software
VP Marketing, Americas

pictured from left: Dr. Marci Rossell, Jon Heidorn, VP Marketing, Americas, Siemens PLM Software and Jason Jennings
pictured from left: Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, President of Siemen's PLM Software , Dr. Marci Rossell and Jason Jennings
pictured from left: Dr. Marci Rossell, and Jason Jennings


Event: Ricoh/Savin Annual Dealer Meeting
Location: Orlando, Florida
Result: Standing Ovation

"From all of us at Ricoh Americas Corporation, please thank Jason Jennings for one of the best ...or I should rephrase that to read... the BEST keynote speech we've ever had at a National Dealer Meeting.

The feedback received from our dealers and our employees has been overwhelming. They connected with Jason from the moment he set foot on the stage and were totally inspired at the end of his keynote. As one of our dealers told us, "Jason was a home run"

We also thank Jason for taking the time before his keynote to meet many of our dealers and employees; that was a first!

Jason, is a treasure in the industry and we wish him much success with his new book, "Hit the Ground Running" which we know will be a best-seller!"

Jason Dizzine
Director, Corporate Communications
Ricoh Americas Corporation

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Event: CCH Users Conference
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Attendance: 2,000
Result: Standing Ovation

"I wanted to thank you for an outstanding presentation at our User Conference. I won't take up too much time other than to say you received a 4.98 rating (out of 5), which is the highest we have ever received at any previous User Conferences for Keynote speeches. Again, thanks for the effort and your contribution to our Conference!"

Ray Barlow
Vice President, Sales

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Event: Infoprint Worldwide Meeting (800 people)
Location: Denver, Colorado
Results: Standing Ovation

"Jason Jennings keynote speech in Denver was tremendous! His tone, manner, delivery and content were all dead on target. We couldn't have scripted it any better - the alignment to our message was perfect and we've received nothing but rave reviews."

Peter Lazaroff
Vice President
RICOH/IBM Infoprint Solutions Company

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Event: eCopy Paper Connection Forum

"Thank you so much for setting the tone for the eCopy Paper Connection Forum last week. The feedback from all attendees I spoke with was extremely positive with comments such as 'that was the best keynote I have ever seen in my 20 years attending events like this, very relevant to how I want to run my business'.

At a personal level, you reinforced some of the behavior I have been trying to instill here at eCopy, especially around getting everyone to think and act like an owner. I have always strived to improve myself and my company, but you gave me 5 very specific areas that will help me focus on being a better leader.

Thanks so much for passing on your energy and passion to the entire audience. Now if only I can get eCopy to grow revenues and profit by 10% for eight more years (we already have two under our belts), I might make your sequel."

Edward Schmid
President and CEO
eCopy, Inc.

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"Jasons presentation was riveting! He built a personal relationship with the audience that made for a tremendous exchange of learning. The time Jason puts into understanding the audience and their business shows up in the quality of the presentation and positive reaction. The most frequent comment, "when can we have him again?"

Michael Fleming
Executive Leasing Association

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"I heard Jason speak for the first time in Copenhagen in 2003 where my Danish colleagues had engaged him as key note presenter. He was so fantastic, that I had to bring him to Norway. Jason was a huge success! Because of all the research that is behind the findings and facts that Jason present, you really respect the content of his presentation.

When you add his humor and fantastic way of presenting, you get a true professional, world class key note speech. He fills the room with his positive energy and gives 120% of himself to the audience. Jason has such a fantastic way of seeing and recognizing everybody, making people feel that they matter."

Gunilla Resare
SAS Institute

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"Jason was in Denmark two years ago.....

Jasons ideas and findings are the heart of leadership. He knows how to make an audience shine in corporate ecstasy. He is among the best stand-up management guys in the world. His fuel is passion. And you can feel it!"

Jim Nielsen
Director of Marketing,
SAS Institute

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"Jasons energetic and engaging presentation of successful companies' leadership traits was rated as the top takeaway by senior executives attending our leadership development program.

By combining a commitment to extensive research with humor and panache Jason provided valuable perspectives and meaningful insights on true leadership. His dedication to "business done well" takes him far beyond what tradition presenters are able to offer making his session extremely relevant to our executives lives and their roles as leaders.

Finally, it's an absolute pleasure to work with Jason and we appreciate his focus on understanding our business and linking his message to our objectives."

Mary Cay Carsello
Senior Director Strategic Competencies,
Thomson University
Thomson Corporation

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