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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Client: AMSA
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Result: Praise by attendees ......

A Moving Gathering in Atlanta

Everyone was glued to their seats and we are swamped with requests for Jasons PowerPoint.

Barbara J. Hutchison
Meetings Management Group (MMG)

Bravo&well done&loved your presentation at AMSA!

Charles G. Ducas
SVP- Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Custom Trailer & Truck Body Manufacturing.

Terrific presentation at AMSA in Atlanta!

Bob Dalaskey
VP Bekins A-1 Movers.

Im sure happy Jason selected us as one of the speeches he does. Truly enjoyed his presentation!

Kyriako Bouris
Director, Global Transportation Services
Weichert Relocation Services.

photo The American Moving and Storage Association


Client: International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
Event: ILTA 2010 in Las Vegas
Result: Standing Ovation

"We LOVED having you do the opening keynote at ILTA 2010 in Las Vegas; not sure how we'll ever be able to top you next year. I really enjoyed working with you, from the interview that we know you don't usually do, through the planning and the calls with our people, and culminating in our most successful keynote ever!!

People were talking about you all week, and our annual meeting on Thursday referenced your Five secrets and how they related to ILTA. It was great. All the feedback I've had verbally is 'absolutely amazing'.

I wont soon forget your impact on our conference and our attendees! "

TJ Johnson
Conference Coordinator


Client: CEMA
Event: CEMA Summit 2010 in Las Vegas, Neveda
Notes: Standing Ovation with 99% scores by attendees on topics of change and growth

"Thanks for Jason's incredible enthusiasm during his opening keynote speech at our CEMA Summit 2010 in Las Vegas.

Jason's overall evaluation score was 95% and an overwhelming 99% of our attendees said that Jason was highly knowledgeable about the topic of change and growth.

It was a pleasure working with him."

Kimberely Gishler
Executive Director, CEO, CEMA
Corporate events marketing Association


Event: Industrial Supply Association 2010 Conference
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date: May 2, 2010
Result: Huge standing ovation 1500 people

"Jason, thank you for doing such a fine job! I've heard nothing except very strong and exceptional comments about your April 2010 keynote speech to us in Indianapolis.

Thank you so much."

John Buckley

John Buckley
Executive Vice President
Industrial Supply Association


Event: Association of Independent Corrugated Converters 2010 Spring Meeting
Location: Coronado, California
Date: April 15, 2010

"Dear Jason:

Thank you again for being with us in San Diego. You gave a rousing presentation, one that resonated so well with our AICC entrepreneurs. It was interesting to note how, through the remainder of the meeting, the words "cause" and "stewardship" kept coming up in our discussions. To me that is a sign not only of an excellent presentation, but of a presentation that has a lasting effect on its audience.

Thanks again for making AICC's 2010 Spring Meeting so memorable."

Steve Young

A. Steven Young
Read testimonial in PDF


Event: Association of Independent Corrugated Converters 2010 Spring Meeting
Location: Coronado, California
Date: April 15, 2010

"Thanks to Mr. Jennings for making our AICC 2010 Spring meeting a great success. The research and interviews he conducted resulted in a timely and tailored speech to our attendees.

His presentation was inspiring and well-received and the post feedback has been very positive!

Thanks again to Mr. Jennings and his entire team for a job well done."

Cindy Guarino
Director of Meetings


Event: North Carolina Chamber of Commerce
Location: Raleigh, NC

"No one prepares for a speech like Jason! The research and interviews he conducted resulted in a timely, tailor-made speech. His remarks were inspiring and well-received by our audience of key North Carolina business leaders. The feedback from our attendees has been exceedingly positive! Kudos to Jason for a job very well done!"

Lew Ebert
President and CEO
North Carolina Chamber of Commerce


Event: NADA Annual Convention
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendance: 10,000+
Result: Standing Ovation

"No industry has been as hammered by the economic meltdown of 2008-2009 as automobile dealers. For this year's convention Jason Jennings was selected to speak on the topic, "The Secrets Used By Great Companies In Tough Times." Here are the evaluation numbers of his speech to this convention."

The Four Secrets Used by Great Companies To Succeed In Tough Times
Overall score: 9.71
Highest score: 9.71
Lowest score: 6.17
Median score: 8.59
Speaker score: 9.68
Highest speaker score: 9.68
Lowest speaker score: 6.42
Median speaker score: 8.76

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Event: International Council of Shopping Centers
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 2,000 plus
Result: Standing Ovation

"I can't begin to tell you how many people stopped me in the Convention Center and told me that Jason Jennings was the best speaker they'd ever heard. After the Convention others emailed and called to convey the same sentiment. It was truly an honor working with Jason Jennings and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank him for sharing his efforts, research and talent with us."

Kendra Hinderland
Archon Group A Goldman Sachs Company
Irving, Texas

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Event: Direct Selling Associations Annual Meeting (1000 people)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Results: Standing Ovation

"Jason Jennings was the highlight of our annual convention in Phoenix in 2008. He provided real world takeaways that all our attendees could use. We've had many great speakers but he was the best. Many attendees told me that if they heard nothing else at the meeting their trip was worthwhile just because of Jason' speech. Jason, thank you for making us look so good to our thousands of members!"

Melissa Brunton
Vice President
Direct Selling Association

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Event: Advamed's Annual Leadership Conference (200 attendees)
Location: Palm Springs, California
Results: Standing Ovation

"Thanks for taking the time to speak with our industry leading members in preparation for your speech. You hit a home run with our attendees. Thanks and best wishes."

Stephen Ubl
Advamed - Advanced Medical Technology Association

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Event: Help Desk International Annual Convention - more than 2,500 attendees
Results: Standing Ovation

"Thank you for sharing your insights with the HDI community in Dallas. I was personally impressed with your passion, and watching you make a difference in the lives of those you came in contact with. Between shaking as many hands as you could, and taking the time to talk to everyone that stood in line to get a book signed, you made personal connections with ease.

As the person blessed with serving this community, I wanted you to know that you made a difference in every one of those attendees lives. That is what life is about in my opinion. I have been looking at my role differently since seeing your presentation."

Rich Hand
Executive Director of Membership

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Client: Leading Authorities, Inc.
Event: CESSE
Results: 500 people Standing Ovation

"Barry Bonds had better watch out. Jason Jennings will soon be overtaking him AND Hank Aaron for # of home runs!

Great job in Halifax and many, many, many thanks for a superb job!"

Mark D. French
Leading Authorities, Inc.

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Event: Keynote at American Automobile Association Conference

"I want to thank Jason for keynoting at our annual conference. His message was powerful and relevant!

He took the time to learn our business prior to the conference and custom-tailored his delivery so our audience could relate to his message. He receives my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker and author. His bestselling books should be a staple in every business library."

Rhonda L. Markos
AAA National Office
Hollywood, Florida

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

Client: American Bankers Association
Event: "Hippies from the 60's" Reception

" 'Very powerful, WOW, motivating and the best Ive ever seen' were a few of the comments about Jasons spring speech to the American Bankers Association Community Banking Conference in Palm Springs, California. Jasons keynote address scored a 4.93 on a scale of 1-5 from the hundreds of bank executives and CEOs in attendance.

Thanks to the great job Jason did with his speech the entire conference received its highest rating in five years."

Here are the box scores:

Topic addressed was timely 4.92
Content was relevant to my job 4.90
Content was addressed in sufficient depth 4.83
Speakers knowledge 4.95
Questions were well addressed 4.86

Jason Jennings and Joanne Buck at the American Bankers Association Hippies from the 60s Reception

Joanne M. Buck
Associate Director and Conference
American Bankers Association

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

"It is a rare speaker that combines wisdom, storytelling, a global perspective and the essence of a best selling author. Jason Jennings resonates with a wide range of individuals and business executives and in my mind, does it all. What I value about his presentations is that he tailors his message to each group, which conveys authenticity and a close connection with his audience.

A skilled and talented professional, Jason works with groups before, during and after his presentations. Hes the consummate speaker for any business event. We look forward to the next opportunity to learn and grow with Jason!"

Joel Hoiland, CAE
Window & Door Manufacturers Association

DOWNLOAD PDF file for this Testimonial

"Jason flat out delivered as our Keynote Speaker. He had the draw to bring people into our conference, then delivered the value to the attendees. He is the first and only speaker I have meet who sincerely learned the needs of our attendees, customized his message to address those needs and then took the time to meet the majority of our people. Once on stage, he captivated and the audience with entertaining, usable and insightful information.

Without question, he has been one of the most valuable speakers we have ever worked with and knows how to deliver real value."

Kevin Custer
Arc Capital Development
Chairman, ACG Denver, Rocky Mountain Growth Conference 2007
(ACG = Association for Corporate Growth)

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