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In the event that Jason Jennings isn't available or not the right speaker for your audience we suggest you contact the author/speakers listed below. We strongly endorse each of them.
We're frequently asked for lists of books besides Jason's that we recommend. We endorse the following books.
Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders is an irrepressible advocate for good values in the business world. His first book, Love is the Killer App, showed how people who share generously can achieve professional success. It became both a New York Times and international bestseller. His second book, The Likeability Factor (Crown, April 2005), explores four aspects of likeability that you can measure and improvefriendliness, relevance, empathy, and realness. The book serves as the basis for both PBS and 20/20 television specials, showing how you can achieve your life's dreams by increasing your likeability factor.

Tim Sanders has become one of the most sought-after speakers in America today, because of his poignant message and his eloquent delivery. He delivers high-energy speeches and compelling seminars to high-level executive conferences, professional associations, and graduate schools.

Tim has also received an enthusiastic endorsement from Tom Peters, the renowned business motivational speaker. He developed and honed his speaking skills as a competitive debater, where he was national debate and public speaking champion in five categories over his career. He frequently appears as a guest on radio and television programs across the country.


Marcus Buckingham
During his 17 years with The Gallup Organization Marcus Buckingham helped lead their research into the world's best managers, leaders and workplaces. Marcus Buckingham has taken his broad experience in management practices and employee retention and put it into two best selling books: First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Best Managers Do Differently (Simon and Schuster) and Now, Discover Your Strengths (The Free Press).

His most recent book, The One Thing You Need to Know, is a powerful concept based on leading and managing your organization.

Buckingham's presentations take the key points of these books, combined with plenty of great examples from a wide variety of organizations, to show audiences how they can learn from the world's best managers and leaders.

A wonderful resource for both Human Resources and Management issues, he challenges conventional wisdom and shows the link between employee opinions and productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and the rate of turnover. Buckingham graduated from Cambridge University in 1987, with a master's degree in Social and Political Science.


Dr. Jim Harris
From Fortune magazines "Best Places to Work" to winners of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige Quality award to fast-growth Inc. 500 firms, Dr. Jim Harris speaks and consults with a virtual Who's Who of the world's best run companies. A former executive with a Fortune 500 firm, Dr. Jim's operations experience includes leading a custom home building company, branch management with a unionized transportation group, and multiple management positions.

Dr. Jim is more than a successful businessman. He is an award-winning author of eight business books including a Fortune magazine "Best Business Book" and an American Management Association "Spring Selection." His books have been internationally published in four languages including Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

A sought after keynote speaker, Dr. Jim shares his practical insights into how to achieve great results with audiences and leadership teams around the world. In addition, Dr. Jim earned his Ph.D. in Communication which sets him apart from thousands of other speakers in how to powerfully connect with every audience in any situation.

Dr. Jim delivers his wisdom, insights, and real-world perspective with professionalism and integrity. He is passionately committed to helping you achieve great results in business and in life.




Good to Great
by Jim Collins

This book has the single best title for a business book that's ever been created. After all, everyone believes they're good (even if they aren't) and who wouldn't want to be great? The title alone is worth the price of admission. Like Jason's books this text is completely research based. While most business authors come up with a title and then go in search of confirming evidence Collins reports the findings of his exhaustive research. When people ask Jason to compare his books to those of Jim Collins he answers by saying that great research down parallel tracks will often end up in many of the same places and with similar conclusions.


The Radical Edge
by Steve Farber

In his bestselling book, The Radical Leap, Steve Farber taught readers the LEAP principleCultivate Love, Generate Energy, Inspire Audacity, and Provide Proof.

In his new book, The Radical Edge, Farber shows readers how to fully and passionately engage in the world and change it for the better, whether it's the world of business, family, or community.

Inspiring, daring, and unforgettable, The Radical Edge is a reading experience that will challenge you to stoke the fires of business, amplify personal joy and meaning, and change the world for the betterall at the same time.

"The best book you'll read this year. Captivating from the first page and jam packed with invaluable lessons. This is a must read. The Radical Edge is terrific!"

--Jason Jennings


Likeability Factor
by Tim Sanders

Jason and Tim Sanders had their first opportunity to work together when jointly keynoting a YPO Conference in St. Louis. Within minutes of sitting down to breakfast they smiled, looked at one another and simultaneously said, "You get it!" Tim Sanders work focuses on the importance of people. We heartily endorse his both his speeches and books.

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SUCCESS: Built to Last
by Mark Thompson

Success Built to Last explores what you have in common with enduringly successful people and how to create a life that matters for the long term.

This is the sequel to Built to Last, which sold over 1 million copies and is one of the top three bestsellers in business history. Based on unscripted conversations with hundreds of remarkable human beings billionaires, CEOs, entrepreneurs, presidents and other leaders -- and validated by research at Stanford and Wharton Business Schools and a World Success Survey, you will find simple principles that you can apply in your business and life.

Learn why it's so hard to do what matters and how enduringly successful people harvest both victories and failures to find the courage to follow their passions.


It's Not What You Say& It's What You Do
by Laurence Haughton

Laurence Haughton worked side-by-side with Jason for more than twenty years transforming companies and helping businesses around the world achieve their full economic potential. Haughton was Jennings co-author on, It's Not The Big That Eat The Small It's The Fast That Eat The Slow from Harper Collins, a book acknowledged as the ultimate work on speed.

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