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May 2009
by Debbie Hepton
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About Jason Jennings Coming Book on Reinvention
reposted: January 10, 2011

Jason's next book for Penguin Putnam's Portfolio Imprint will be about 'reinvention'.

I started becoming intrigued with the subject when a close friend, who has played a role in all my previous books, began strongly suggesting reinvention as a worthy and timely topic. About the same time the topic of reinvention started coming up in almost all of the ten telephone interviews I do before each speech I deliver. It seems as though - with the great recession being yesterday's news a lot of people are asking and talking about reinvention.

The decision to write the definitive book on the subject was made easy when an additional piece of research from the IBM Study of the Global Marketplace came to my attention. The study makes the case that that 66% of all CEO's believe their present business model is sustainable for fewer than three more years while an additional 32% believe the lifespan of their current business model is less than five years. That's an astounding 98% of CEOs who believe their current business models are ultimately unsustainable.

The BIG difference between innovation and reinvention

Reinvention isn't Innovation. Innovation might be the latest hot product from the Apple Factory, an unusual new restaurant concept or a unique method of assembling a product or delivering a service. Many of the companies I've profiled in previous books are wildly innovative and I frequently lecture and speak on the subject but reinvention goes far beyond a new product or service.

Reinvention is a top to bottom ruthless review and rebuild of the organization asking and answering the hardest of questions such as:

  • When are we a candidate for reinvention
  • What business are we in?
  • What business will we be in?
  • How are we going to get paid for what we do?
  • How do we change everything we do to take advantage of the latest technologies that might not even exist yet?
  • How and when do we start pulling the plug on the things were doing now?
  • Who stays and has a role and who goes?
  • What are the things we need to do to be relevant?

You can get involved

If you're familiar with a story of reinvention you think is worthy of further study and possible inclusion in the new book please send me the details at It might be an organization, small business or large company. I'll take a look at everything submitted and get back to you with my thoughts. I'll write frequent updates about the books progress.



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