What type of leader are you and do you aspire to be?

Take the 1 Minute Review. What Type of Leader Are You? A Jerk or a Fish Out of Water

Have you noticed there’s an irony to the reprehensible revelations about the fatally flawed business leaders we learn about on an almost daily basis?  Almost everyone who has made today’s “infamous” list is someone who was once adoringly fawned over by the media who portrayed them as larger than life leader role models. They weren’t. 

Our Discovery

During the past seventeen years, my various research teams and I have screened and studied 220,000 companies for our NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestselling books on speed, productivity, growth, innovation, reinvention and leadership and the single most surprising discovery from all that work is none of the leaders we discovered and written about fit the mold of the ruthless, arrogant, self-serving CEOs we learn about from the news. Every interview, every analysis, and every assessment from inside and outside these firms confirmed that real leaders – whose leadership withstands the test of time – are people committed to doing the right thing for all stakeholders; the workforce, customers, vendors and suppliers, shareholders and owners and the planet.  Here are the top ten. Look over the list while asking yourself what type of leader you are and aspire to be?    

Conventional Jerks

  • Larger than life
  • Very sure you’re always right
  • Does whatever it takes to hit the quarterly and annual numbers.    
  • Obsessed with secrecy
  • Demand allegiance and loyalty   
  • Avoids any sign of weakness
  • Does all the talking
  • Rules with an iron fist 
  • Points fingers 
  • Sense of urgency based on personal prosperity and/or Wall Street approval

Fish out of Water Authentic Leaders

  • Humble
  • Doubts his or her infallibility
  • Has principles that everyone knows are stakes driven into the ground
  • Makes certain everyone knows the strategy
  • Gains belief and trust
  • Asks others for help     
  • Listens
  • Trusts the team   
  • Is personally accountable
  • Sense of urgency driven by “we’re not as good as we need to be”

Jason Jennings is the NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestselling author of eight books on leadership, reinvention, growth, speed, innovation and productivity, including, The Reinventors, available in hardcover, eBook and audio and has been called one of the three most in-demand business speakers in the world) .      

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