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Episode 137: Six Ways to Get and Use Great Endorsements and Testimonials

Testimonials and third party endorsements and are powerful ways of convincing customers they’ve made the right choice, affirms that others have made the choice were pleased and helps them think they’re making a wide decision. This episode will teach you everything you need to know about collecting and using testimonials and endorsements.

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Episode 136: Medline – Five Lessons for Building an Extraordinary Sales Organization

Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies in the world. The companies more than 1,200 sales representatives generate more than eight billion in annual revenues for the 350,000 different products which are delivered from the firm’s more than 12 million square feet of warehousing. This is one incredibly company and here’s the story of how they built one of the most extraordinary sales organizations of all time.

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Episode 134: Seven reasons to pay a compliment

Think about the last compliment you received from someone. I bet it made you feel really good. Years ago, a cashier at a drive through window at a Jack in the Box paid Jason Jennings a compliment that he’s never forgotten; you could even say it was a life changer. To this day Jason can’t drive by the place on Lombard Street, in San Francisco, where the restaurant was located, without smiling a big smile. In this new edition of The Game Changers Jason shares the seven reasons why you should make giving compliments a big part of your life.

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Episode 132: The Five Reasons Walmart is Nailing It!

Traditional retailers are closing their doors, going out of business and filing for bankruptcy at an unprecedented rate. But, Wal-Mart is still growing and the things they’re doing to stay relevant, profitable and prosperous are must learn lessons for everyone in business.

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Episode 131: The Butterfly Effect

Can a single flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon eventually create a hurricane that destroys homes and kills people in Texas? The Butterfly Effect is a well-respected and widely written about part of Chaos Theory that you should know about when making business decisions. It’ll also make you appear very smart.

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Episode 128: Nine Vital Lessons from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Way back in 1997, Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, wrote a letter to his first shareholders. Contained in that letter were the beliefs he held sacred. Listen and learn how prescient the guiding principles were and how they resulted in building one of the five most valued companies in the US in a remarkably short period of time. In the episode we’ll also compare the twenty year old letter with his most recent letter to shareholders and see what’s changed. You’ll learn a lot you can use.

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Episode 127: United Airlines: Nine Reasons for Not Having Lots of Rules

The video went viral and the world watched as a passenger on United Airlines was forcibly removed from his seat, beaten up badly and unceremoniously tossed off the plane. His only offense was that the airline had to get four employees to another airport. Jason, who has flown almost four million miles on the airline and knows the inner workings of the airline explains why having too many rules caused this tragic event to occur.

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Episode 126: Is It Going to Be Deja Vu all over Again at Starbucks

Howard Schultz has stepped down as CEO at Starbucks. The last time he tried to step aside everything went to hell in a hand basket. This edition will tell you why bad things happened when he left and what to be on the lookout for in his replacement and it all ties back to a single basic principle of business.

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Episode 125: Generation Z: Coming of Age

The first members of Generation Z are about to graduate from college this year and they are completely different than their Generation X Millennial predecessors. Learn about the differences between Gen X and Gen Z in this this edition.

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Episode 124: Who will win – Uber or Lyft – It’ll All Come Down to…

Uber is the 70 billion dollar Goliath and Lyft the feisty and nimble competitor. But, Lyft has something going for it that Uber doesn’t and it could turn out to be a huge vulnerability and a great case study that might eventually prove that, “it’s not the big that eat the small – It’s the fast that eat the slow.” Here’s another MBA level course in culture.

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Episode 123: You have met the enemy and the enemy is you

Back in 1958 an Englishman by the name of Cyril Parkinson published a book titled, Parkinson’s Law and The Pursuit of Progress. It was filled with wickedly humorous essays based on his time in the British Civil Service including one about how many people and how much time it took to get something done. Members of British Foreign Office set out to prove his observation and succeeded. It’s truer today than ever. You’ll learn all about people pyramid schemes and bureaucracies.

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Episode 122: You have a culture… whether you know it or not!

Every organization of more than two people has a culture. It’s either the want they to have and they work on it constantly and if they don’t have a culture one exists by default and any culture that exists by default inevitably becomes toxic. Here’s your MBA level course in culture.

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Episode 121: Cascading Your Purpose Throughout the Organization

Jason recently completed an engagement with a client where he helped bring alive the purpose of the company. What they did with it is brilliant. If you want to learn one of the best ways to cascade a message through an enterprise and get everyone on the same page you’ll love this game changer.

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Episode 119: How Millennials Were Dealt a Bad Hand

Author Simon Sinek says that Millennials were dealt a bad hand and it’s the responsibility of business to accommodate them and their ‘special’ needs. In this week’s edition we talk about bad parenting, the effects of technology and wanting it now.

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Episode 118: Never Run Out of Great Ideas

This episode tells you how to never run out of great ideas using one simple thing that Jason learned while research his first landmark book, “It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small –It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow”. Practice this one painless maneuver whenever you’re about to take a trip and watch the ideas flow.

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Coming next week on The Game Changer podcast... 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener
Jason Jennings
Coming Next Week: 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener
Coming next week on The Game Changer podcast... 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener The Game Changers….with Jason Jennings, NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestse...


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