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Episode 121: Cascading Your Purpose Throughout the Organization

Jason recently completed an engagement with a client where he helped bring alive the purpose of the company. What they did with it is brilliant. If you want to learn one of the best ways to cascade a message through an enterprise and get everyone on the same page you’ll love this game changer.

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Episode 119: How Millennials Were Dealt a Bad Hand

Author Simon Sinek says that Millennials were dealt a bad hand and it’s the responsibility of business to accommodate them and their ‘special’ needs. In this week’s edition we talk about bad parenting, the effects of technology and wanting it now.

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Episode 118: Never Run Out of Great Ideas

This episode tells you how to never run out of great ideas using one simple thing that Jason learned while research his first landmark book, “It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small –It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow”. Practice this one painless maneuver whenever you’re about to take a trip and watch the ideas flow.

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Episode 117: Anatomy of a Perfect Conference

After completing a recent keynote speech in Phoenix Jason came to the conclusion it was the best managed and most outstanding conference in which he’s ever taken part. After more than 1000 keynote speeches around the world, Jason shares the six secrets for an outstanding conference.

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Episode 115: There’s No Excuse for No Growth

If you want to grow your business don’t resort to using the same old tired excuses routinely offered up by executives and owners of businesses that aren’t growing. This edition debunks every excuse for little or no growth and offers up a sure recipe for nonstop growth.

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Episode 114: Never Give Up

Episodes of The Game Changers always rely on the research for Jason’s bestselling books and the fascinating people he meets during the course of traveling hundreds of thousands of miles each year. But, in this episode opens up and reveals a personal story he’s never shared before and the four e invaluable lessons he learned that changed his life. It’s a must listen podcast.

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Episode 113: Constantly Shuffle Portfolios

This episode will strike terror in the hearts of anyone involved in sales. Several fascinating studies have repeatedly proven the efficacy and financial benefits of constantly changing things up, shuffling portfolios and changing account lists. Learn about the fascinating research in this edition.

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Episode 112: Follow Mark Zuckerberg’s Advice

At the end of 2015 Jason read about something Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook planned on doing in the coming year. He decided that if it was good enough for Zuckerberg it was good enough for him and he made a promise to do the exact same thing. The results of his New Year’s resolution have been amazing. Not sure how it worked out for Mark Zuckerberg but it can make a huge difference in enriching your life.

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Episode 111: When You Look Like Your Customers Great Things Happen

Out of the more than 1000 keynote speeches and teaching assignments that Jason has delivered in every state, province and nearly 100 countries he’s only found himself speechless on four occasions. Recently, after being introduced as the closing speaker for ComEd’s Key Manager’s Meeting in Chicago, he took the stage and it happened again…he looked out ta the audience and almost didn’t know where to start or how to begin. Here’s what gave him pause and a big lesson for anyone in business.

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Episode 110: Four Lessons from a Chance Meeting in a Hotel Lobby

Jason guesses he’s stayed in more than 3,000 different hotels during his career and his favorite hotel will surprise you. Recently, while staying at that hotel, he was engaged in one of those unplanned, spur of the moment conversations with a man standing next to him in the lobby. It turns out the man is the owner of the hotel and a dozen others. During their conversation, he shared with Jason the four things that have made him an extraordinarily successful hotel owner. You can adopt and use these four things in your business as well.

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Episode 108: A Remarkable Business and Life Lesson

At least once a year Jason has lunch with Russ Colombo, President and CEO of Bank of Marin, a highly successful bank which has enjoyed remarkable growth under Russ’s stewardship. This year they decided to bring their spouses. While comparing notes they discovered both couples had been together since they were twenty, were celebrating big anniversaries this year and that’s where the conversation naturally turned – to why highly successful, long term relationships in life and in business happen. Together, the two couples think they cracked the code.

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Episode 107: Don’t Dot the ‘I’ – stop Using the ‘I’

Many years ago, a woman named Laura, who was my assistant, walked into my office, laid down a bunch of memos and letters and said, “That letter you wrote is the worst letter I’ve ever transcribed in my life,” adding, “you should be ashamed of yourself!” And, then, she proceeded to give me a lesson I’ve never forgotten and use every day. In many ways it wasn’t only a game changer but a life changer for me. And, it can be for you too.

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Episode 106: Can You Transform a Company from the Bottom or the Middle?

We receive a lot of mail from people asking what they can do to change or transform their company from the bottom or the middle. Many of these emails express utter frustration at feeling stuck in a company that doesn’t get it. Here are Jason’s thoughts and advice on making an impact from the bottom or the middle.

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Episode 105: One Small Thing That Will Change Your Company Forever

This week, in preparation for a speech in Arizona, I interviewed Patsy O’Brien, the Chief Operating Officer of Smith & Howard, an accounting and advisory firm in Atlanta, Georgia, a firm consistently rated the number one CPA firm in America by INSIDE PUBLIC ACCOUNTING. At the end of a great conversation Patsy said, “Wait a minute, there’s one more thing I need to tell you about before we wrap up.” What she said has profound implications for every business and is one of the coolest and biggest game changers I’ve ever come across.

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Episode 104: Less is More. A Lean Spirit.

Peter Drucker said culture eats strategy for breakfast, your research really illustrates that point. (Jason, pick it up and illustrate with a story). When you talk about a lean culture, what do you mean? In your book, Less is More, you identify eleven leadership traits behind creating the culture. While we don’t have time to go into all eleven. Give us one or two that a leader can focus on and improve in the next week.

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Episode 103: Everyone is The Owner

What can you learn from the most successful companies? The research shows top performers consistently master the art of creating and sustaining organizations where everyone thinks and acts like the owner. In this episode of The Game Changers, Jason shares the story of Billion Dollar Brad and details the way to make every employee feel like the owner.

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