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Episode 156: Shocking Predictions About Driverless Cars Thomas Frey, powerful visionary and founder and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, who members of the media refer to as ‘the father of invention’ and the ‘Dean of Futurists, is the featured guest on this edition of...

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Episode 153: The One Thing Employees Crave More Than Anything

There’s a new report out – conducted by NORC -  the University of Chicago’s research institution - that reveals what prospective employees are looking for in a company where they’d want to work. What they learned will surprise you and help you in your recruitment...

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Episode 152: Five Leadership Secrets from Elon Musk

In just 14 years Elon Musk has created Tesla; a company with a market cap of $54 billion. In this edition of The Game Changers© we’ll reveal five of the reason for the meteoric growth of Tesla and they are all powerful tools you can begin using tomorrow in your...

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Episode 145: 10 Rules for Successful Long-Term Leadership

Each year Jason interviews between 600 and 800 CEO’s, senior leaders, wildly successful entrepreneurs and front-line personnel for the keynote speeches he delivers and the books he writes. Occasionally, he hears remarkable insights that he wants to share. You’ll love...

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Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings2 days ago
Coming next week on The Game Changer podcast... 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener
Jason Jennings
Coming Next Week: 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener
Coming next week on The Game Changer podcast... 10 Secrets to Be a Better Listener The Game Changers….with Jason Jennings, NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestse...


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