India’s Maruti Suzuki produces 1.5 million cars every year. That’s one car every 12 seconds. Head and shoulders above the rest, which includes every major global auto company operating in India.
• “It was a real pleasure meeting you and listening to your valuable talk at Maruti Suzuki India Vendor Conference – 2013 at Kuala Lumpur. We all really enjoyed the session with you at our conference…I have received overwhelming response from the suppliers whosoever I got a chance to interact later. Everybody has appreciated the session which they felt as a most cherishing experience for them.

• I think, the way you drafted your speech by interacting with the members of the audience before the actual delivery and understanding their expectations & challenges has given a new dimension to the overall performance by Guest Speakers compared to past experiences in our Conferences.”
◦ S. Maitra
◦ Chief Operating Officer
◦ Supply Chain
◦ Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

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