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Jason Jennings is a researcher and one of the most successful and prolific business authors and keynote speakers in the world. His passion and purpose is helping lead individuals and companies to their full economic potential and the more than 1,100 keynote speeches and seminars he’s delivered around the world have consistently and positively changed lives, careers and companies forever.

Jason is to appear in China for “GroupM”

Following Jason’s GroupM threw an awards ceremony that Jason says rivaled the Oscar’s and he was pleased to take part and present awards alongside Swee Lynn Chong, GroupM China’s Managing Director of Corporate Communications, who said, "Jason’s speech was well...

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Jason’s book to appear in China

The Penguin Putnam Foreign Sales Team announced the successful completion of negotiations with China Electric Power Press for the Chinese foreign language rights to Jason Jennings NY Times bestselling book, The Reinventors. A spokesperson for CEPP said the book should be available in Mainland China in mid-2013. Jennings, who speaks and teaches in China frequently said he was pleased that his Chinese audiences would now be able to read his latest book in their native language. To date Jason’s books have been published in 32 languages.

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Jason becomes a Myth-Buster

Every product or service has a natural life cycle that begins with an introduction, followed by growth, maturity, and inevitably a decline as it becomes yesterday’s breadwinner. There are no exceptions.
The bulk of revenues and profits of any service or product is generated during the growth and maturity phases. By the time a product, service, or process has entered the phase of its natural decline, it should ideally have already been replaced with something more lucrative.
Several of the world’s big music companies, such as Universal Music Group, BMG, and EMI, could have easily opened the world’s first online music store separately or together, but each refused to let go of a business model that had allowed them to enrich themselves and abuse artists, distributors, and broadcasters for decades. Instead, they continued to fight constant court battles to ensure that things would remain as they’d always been. Then along came Apple—a computer company—which used the iPod and iTunes to knock the old …

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Jason appears in Imperia Magazine

As a pioneer in an industry that conceals its manufacturing strategies as if they were atomic secrets, Ford was astonished to get Toyota’s invitation. “We invite you to visit our newest manufacturing plant,” the invitation read. “Send your top engineers and bring all your questions. We’re anxious to share our methods.” Many senior executives at Ford thought it all sounded too good to be true.
When the engineers returned from their visit to Japan they agreed that the skeptics had been right. “It wasn’t a real auto manufacturing facility,” plant engineers explained. “Sure they had chassis and tools and people, but spare parts and components were virtually nonexistent.” The warehouse was too small to support the level of scheduled activity…

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Reinvention for Dummies / Smart Manager magizine

“There was a time when the wheel did not have to be reinvented, and one size probably fitted all (carts).
Smart managers of tomorrow will know that history is unlikely to repeat itself on these two counts.”

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Jason Jennings Keynotes Microsoft’s Asia

Jason Jennings Keynotes Microsoft’s Asia OEM Executive Summit
Jason Jennings, pictured here with Joe Williams told the Executives attending the Microsoft’s OEM Briefing and Summit that they must be prepared to let go of ‘same old-same-old,’ and, ‘the way things have always been done,’ if they want to remain innovative and at the cutting edge.    
Citing Montgomery Wards inability to stave off eventual bankruptcy despite billions of dollars provided for the purpose of reinventing themselves and General Motors failure to breathe life into their failing Oldsmobile brand Jennings said, “truly great companies stand ready to let go of yesterday’s breadwinners so they can move forward to a brighter future.”    
Jennings, pictured here signing books, with members of the Korean and Taiwanese delegations, was selected from scores of authors to talk about the traits and practices of the most productive companies on the planet based on content from his book Less Is More.    
The Conference, held in Queensland Australia, was Microsoft’s 4th annual summit designed for executives who lead the companies responsible for more than 80% of the world’s PC production.
According to Microsoft research Jennings was the highest rated speaker at the conference achieving a 4.83 ranking out of a possible 5 for the Asian Summit.

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Smart Manager on book, “Hit the Ground Running”

– India’s first and premiere management magazine recently took Jason’s Hit The Ground Running and produced an interesting online slide show and accompanying article.
tags: (Strategy, Marketing, Analysis, Resources and Technology)

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Jason conducts a two-day Leadership Training Program in Thailand for Mega Life Sciences

Mega Life Sciences is a Thailand based manufacturer of medicines, herbal drugs, traditional Pharma and over the counter products. From humble beginnings as a manufacturer of gel caps thirty years ago, today the company has become a powerhouse operating in twenty-three countries ranging from Australia to Yemen with leadership positions in countries as diverse as Myanmar and Viet Nam.
In January Jason conducted a two day leadership training program in Pattaya, Thailand for the company’s top 150 leaders.
Jason receives many requests for long form teaching assignments but accepts few. In the case of Mega Life Sciences he was attracted by the dynamism of the firm’s CEO and Chief Coach Vivek Dhawan and the four pillars on which Dhawan has built the company; respect for the differences of individual’s, freedom in work and personal life, trust in people, and truth in everything the company does.
Mega is committed to sharing the wealth with those who help them create it. In fact, of all the shares, 27.5 percent are held by the Management and the Team and 72.5 percent shares are held by single promoter from beginning. Twenty percent of profits are shared among all the staff in the organization and twenty percent of dividends are paid to the Shareholders and the remainder of the wealth is invested in medicines and saved for future development of the Company.
In the words of Krishnan Unni, the firm’s Manager of International Markets the company loved its two days with Jason and added that, “we had a great time, great learning, everyone who attended was delighted and fully charged to be open to the full potential of the company and each of the individual leaders. Jason’s teachings were focused on seven truths he’s discovered during his research for his books and they are awesome.”

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