Episode 162: 10 Ways to immediately make your business more productive

by Jason Jennings

Sixteen years and six books ago, I was fortunate enough to write my second NYT and WSJ bestseller,Less Is More.

A few weeks ago, I received a call from the leader of a company who wanted a speech based on that book, specifically, the last few pages of the book, where I’d written a summary of my findings into the most productive companies in the world.

I didn’t remember what he was referring to and decided I’d better reread the book. And, there it was, at the end of the book; a short summary of findings of the world’s most productive companies. It was like finding a wad of $100 bills in a pair of jeans you hadn’t worn for years.

In this episode of The Game Changers we reveal the 10 traits of highly productive companies and explain how each 1% increase in productivity can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

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