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Jason is supported by an incredible team of people whose sole objective is to make sure your event receives the highest evaluation scores ever.

As part of his appearance in front of your group, company or association we’re prepared to add value to the event by making him available for Q&A Sessions, VIP breakfasts or lunches, book signings and photo ops with your top performers; whatever it takes to make a great event.

Jason Jennings

Speaking Manager for Jason Jennings
Andrea Temel
phone: (949) 551-2669 Pacific Time USA

Exclusive Representative in India and Sri Lanka
Prakash Idnani 
+91 (98840) 30830  GMT +5.5

Remarks, ratings, and praise from Jason’s speeches on leadership, culture, growth, and innovation

Thank you for blessing ComEd with your expertise and spirit. Person after person told me you’re the best speaker we’ve ever had! Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO

100% of attendees said Jason’s speech gave them ideas to immediately put to use!  Margie Mauldin, President and CEO

Jason numbers are unheard of with this group! 100% rated his speech excellent, very good or good! Marlen Garcia, Head of Marketing, Latin America

Jason nailed it with a 4.77 rating (out of five), the highest evaluation scores we’ve ever witnessed!

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference “All the partners said that Jason’s speech made their trip worthwhile! I have not seen anything other than scores of 5.0 across all categories!”  Patama Chantaruck, GM Worldwide, Software Asset Management

World’s largest Media Investment Group

“The level of passion and energy in Jason’s keynote was amazing and the content awe inspiring! Simply terrific!” Betsy Lee, CEO, China & Irwin Gotlieb, Worldwide Chairman

Jason’s keynote speech exceeded our highest expectations! His teachings about extraordinary leaders and companies will be invaluable. Mike Long, Chairman, CEO and President, Arrow Electronics

One of the best speakers we’ve ever had. So good, we’re bringing him back next year. Wow!   Jon Heidorn, VP Marketing, Americas


Jennings is a preeminent authority on strategy, leadership, innovation and change management. He’s engaging, researched, compelling, dynamic and relevant. Any CEO looking for growth should seek him out. Sam Srivastava, CEO

Jason talks about guiding principles that ALL employees can get behind! Barry Smith, Chairman and CEO



Jason received the highest scores we’ve ever received – a 4.8 on a scale of 1-5! Our leaders used words like spectacular, outstanding, fantastic and wonderful to describe his speech.   Diedra Dias, Manager, Strategic Operations

What a fabulous speech you delivered. The highlight of my evening was when the CEO told me that you Jason Jennings is exactly what we needed!  All I’ve heard are fantastic reviews!  Lisa Stornaielo, VOP Leadership Development

Jason Jennings was the highlight of our annual convention. We’ve had many great speakers but he was the best ever with real world takeaways all our attendees can use.  Melissa Brunton, Vice President

Everyone was glued to their seats and we’ve been swamped for copies of Jason’s speech. Barbara Hutchison, CMP, Meetings and Management Group

Bravo…well done…loved Jason’s speech at AMSA! Charles Ducas, VP, Custom Trailer and Truck Body Manufacturing

Terrific speech at AMSA! Bob Dalaskey, VP Bekins A-1 Movers



The highest rated speech achieving a Speaker Satisfaction Score of 98% and beating out Sir Ken Robinson, Rich Horwath and Ann Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox

Jason beat out a joint appearance by former Presidents Bush and Clinton at the annual NADA convention of tens of thousands of car dealer’s form around eth world.  On a scale of 1-10 his speaker score was 9.71!

Jason’s keynote speech received an overwhelming and positive response. People were thrilled with his energy, information, attention to detail and willingness to autograph books! Patrick Natale, Executive Director, ASCE

Jason made a difference in the lives of every single attendee. Loved his passion and watching him shake thousands of hands and making personal connections. Rich Hand, Executive Director, Help Desk International

Thanks to Jason our conference received its highest rating kin five years!  Powerful, WOW and motivating are all we’ve heard!  His evaluation score was an overwhelming  4.93 on a scale of 1-5; something we’ve never seen before.   JoAnne Buck, Associate Director and Conference Manager

Jason combines wisdom, storytelling, a global perspective and the essence of a bestselling author. He’s the consummate speaker for any group looking for growth! 

Jason made our conference the best we’ve ever had! He’s an exceptional speaker and author and his message was so impactful that I have to say it was the best I’ve heard in my e entire career!  Byron Stephens, President and Chief Development Officer, Marcos, the fastest growing pizza chain in North America

Mitsubishi Electric

People talked about Jason’s opening speech for the rest of the conference. The things he talked about worked their way into all the other speeches and workshops. Our audience loved him! Kevin Miskewicz, Director, Mitsubishi Electric

Jason captivated our partners, franchisees and staff with his keynote on staying nimble, creative and committed to growth.  He received the highest rating of the conference and we’re still hearing positive feedback about the positive impact he makes on people’s lives.  Michael Perry, former Sonic COO and now a Sonic Franchisee

Really, really nice job! Your message was totally on track with our values and how we’ll continue the transformation of the company! Greg Garland, Chairman and CEO

Thank you for the outstanding job you did! The message really resonated with the team and reinforced what we’re trying to accomplish.  Robert Niblock, Chairman and CEO

Jason was fabulous! Senior VP, Store Operations

An exceptional performance!  Lisa Doyle, VP Learning and Development

Jason did a fantastic job with the Ace team. Nothing but positive comments and store owners who plan on taking action. Kane Calamari, VP Retail Operations

We took home tons of nuggets that we plan to start using in our stores immediately. Scott Hatcher

A custom tailored message that will resonate for a very long time! On a scale of 1-5 Jason scores all 5’s in content, presentation and the ease of working with him. Ron Williams, Former Chairman and CEO

Jason did it again and made me look great in front of another tough group of decision-making CEOs.  Rave reviews would be an understatement and most people said Jason is the best speaker they’ve ever seen. Dotty McKinnon, Speaker Coordinator

The speech was simply perfect! Jason has positively impacted the lives and careers of everyone in attendance. We will be utilizing everything he spoke about.  David Gaboury, Chairman and CEO