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Five Questions to Ask to Make Certain Workers Don’t Leave

About half of all American workers plan on leaving their jobs and about one-third plan on doing so this year. Considering that, on average, it costs between 30 and 50% of a worker’s annual compensation to recruit, hire and train a replacement and get them up to...

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Take the 1 Minute Review. What Type of Leader Are You?

What type of leader are you and do you aspire to be? Take the 1 Minute Review. What Type of Leader Are You? A Jerk or a Fish Out of Water Have you noticed there’s an irony to the reprehensible revelations about the fatally flawed business leaders we learn about on an...

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Five Myths That Make You Slow

Do you worry about a lack of urgency at your company? If you do, you’re in good company. I’ve asked 14,000 highly successful business leaders in the last dozen years, “What keeps you awake at night?” A lack of urgency has consistently been at the top of the list....

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An International Trip Early in Life Will Change You Forever

It was bitterly cold while walking to school that morning and even the snow seemed to protest as it made a nasty, crunchy noise with each step I took. I was a junior in high school and, while sitting in my French class that morning, I day dreamed of being in France...

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Anatomy of a Perfect Conference

During the past eighteen years I’ve keynoted more than 1,200 events in every state, province and in 82 countries around the world. I’ve seen a whole lot of conferences including the good, the bad and yep…even the ugly! Last week, I spoke to about 1,000 people in...

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